Pissed off is an understatement. Cunt of a lecturer is being patronising as fuck and is a complete dick who ought to be shot, there are no fucking water fountains on campus that actually work, and I am hungry and all I have is a small easy peal, a banana and a cereal bar….

Bought two bras for £17.00 in the sale! That’s cheaper than buying one regular one! Woo!

(At least that’s how I justified it to myself…)

I feel as if all of a sudden I have turned into an old man. The thought of going out and alcohol and freshers week and loud, annoying people talking about going out and drunk people and people talking about being drunk and feeling guilty about drinking and feeling bad for my body (what even??) and staying up past 12 and then waking up late the next day is like ughhh no. I feel like so much has changed in terms of my attitude towards things and I used to drink so much and not give a fuck and then now I don’t even know. Plus I just feel like here it isn’t even fun it’s just stupid and people just annoy me. Like omg what have I become? I’m not even 20….. *cry*

This ladybird is so funny, it keeps falling on its back and then uses its wings to get itself back up again. It may as well just give up on walking and fly…

Everything’s much better when the sun is out and you’re working on that tan! 😄☀

I have come to the conclusion that red is so my colour :D 

and that I have loads of red dresses that I never wear and definitely need to.


Ugh I wish I was one of those really hot Asians

…..that only seem to exist on the internet.

Just saw a picture of a baby on my facebook news feed and suddenly remembered that last night I had a dream that I accidentally got myself pregnant and was dreading the results and having to tell people. What the actual fuck.