Dreams are really nasty.
Like, when you dream that something perfect came true, then you wake up, remembering that there is no chance of that ever happening in reality.

I’ve always wanted to get my thigh tattooed but thought I should wait until I am comfortable with them and how they look. Perhaps it should be the other way round and I should get them tattooed in order to make me like them more.

On a happier note, I have recently come a little closer to being okay with my body by accepting the fact that my legs are the size and shape that they are, just because they are.

I’m not coping very well at the moment.

You know when you’re sad and you just want somebody to talk to you? Well I don’t think I have that person.

Is it sad that flappy bird actually takes my mind off things and calms me down? Whenever I start crying now I just play flappy bird.